Goals and Ideals

I once heard the story of Messmer, the guy who runs up high mountains. His goal was to climb all the top highest mountains, he thought, when he achieved this, he would be (finally) happy. So, actually, I think his goal was to be happy. Well, he reached the peak of that last mountain, he looked out over the world and started crying because he realized he didn’t really reach his goal. Of course, he was happy at the moment, but then came: what’s next? And that made him unhappy.

So, always have one more goal before you reach your now-goal. Or what Kim says 😉

Achieving your goals should be a moment to celebrate, however, in some instances reaching your goal may be bittersweet. Listen to Kim describe how the correct mindset is needed to celebrate all wins.

Escape Plan


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5 Responses

  1. Smiley Reilly says:

    Wow I use this same principal in the gym – works brilliant creates a powerful mindset – never ever thought to use it for this purpose. Thankx

  2. missvitreous says:

    An important reminder for me. Thank you!

  3. Stella Scott says:

    So great! This goes for anything in life! Thanks for clear and concise advice.

  4. Henry Joe says:

    Cheers for sharing your ideas

  5. Baldassare Alessi says:

    Thank you Kim Kiyosaki interesting reflection.