The Biggest Lie in Network Marketing

One of the biggest misconceptions about Network Marketing is that it requires no skills. However, that is far from the truth. Let’s call it a lie.

To build a successful network, you must first possess the necessary skills and willingness to provide value to others. Even tasks such as cold calling or emailing purchased leads require skill and knowledge of human psychology and sales principles.

The good news: you can easily learn all that. And you can start imperfectly.

Success Over Night

The leaders who have large networks did not achieve their success overnight. They built their networks over time by serving others and continuing to do so.

They join a new network marketing business – you probably have seen the posts all over social media the past couple of months – bring their old network with them and start posting how much money they are making.

It seems like anybody can become successful overnight (because sometimes that’s exactly what they say) just by joining and posting – the same – information all over Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Nobody tells you that posting the same wordings, the same images, and worst of all: the same domain ends up in invisibility.

Be a Solution to People’s Problems

To attract people to your business, you must identify the problems in the market you wish to serve and become a solution to those problems.

You should strive to become a person of value, character, and expertise so that people naturally want to partner with you.

Instead of joining a business solely for quick money, you should focus on developing real skills that will help you build a successful business over time. The right business is not a product or service, but you as a person. If you want to transform your life positively within 12 months, focus on solutions, become more valuable, and serve others.

By prioritizing these three things,

  1. Become more
  2. Be more
  3. Achieve more

you will be able to build a massive business filled with people who trust and appreciate you.

Regardless of the platform you choose, start providing value to others today, and continue to do so throughout your life.

One Platform

Choose one platform, and learn the ins and outs. Facebook, Instagram, Mewe, Youtube. What ever the newest one is en vogue today. Stick with one platform.

Eventually, you can move on to the next platform but you can imagine it takes time to learn a platform and its rules. Thus it might be wise to just stick with one platform and enjoy the free time you get because you don’t jump on the next hot thing.

Besides, platforms tend to change their rules or algorithms or add more features. It will never get boring.

If you commit to this approach and stay with the same company (and platform) for a year, you will have a thriving business full of people you love working with.

This is the shortcut to long-term success and wealth in Network Marketing or any business.

These few free videos will show you what tools you need to even save more time while using the power of the internet.

Again, the biggest lie in network marketing is:
it takes no skills.

And the second biggest lie is:
everybody will join or want this.

Don’t fall for these lies. Network marketing is a business and with every business comes work and a learning curve.

Most of all: have fun!

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