Let’s Talk I-Quadrant

My favorite quadrant is the i-quadrant, the investing quadrant.

Because I’m unemployable and I don’t have a large network.

Is it risky, dangerous, scary?

Yes, all of the above. But isn’t going into the jungle in sandals, with no hat, no water also risky, dangerous and very scary?

Everything you do without the right tools, knowledge is risky. Isn’t that true?

Why I-Quadrant?

I started like most souls in the e-quadrant (employee), at around 38 I moved to the s-quadrant after gotten fired again. I had enough. During that time, the past 20ish years I tried several times the b-quadrant.

With network marketing. Internet marketing. Selling $7-books. Birthday club for restaurants. And a few more. I don’t even remember everything I tried.

And since about 2 years, I venture into the i-quadrant. I’m not good at selling. I don’t have a large network. I developed a phone phobia. So the i-quadrant is very appealing.


My first venture. I admit, I had invested quite a lot of money into Cannabis (not stocks). It sounded good. I trusted the guy and after he went and visited one of the farms several of my friends also invested.

Nobody really knows what happened. Was it always a scam? Did the wrong people got hired by the company and messed stuff up (one of the explainations the “company” gave).

Then I realized we didn’t really know who owned the company… belatedly many red flags. But sounded really good.

Investing in stocks?

If you don’t know what you are doing? Very risky.

A Discord-Friend told me she had paid a lot of money to get advice on how to invest in stocks. She listened to that expert and invested 130K into 3 different stocks. They are all down, lost 95% of their value!

Why would she buy so many share of only 3 different stocks? Because some so-called expert told her so and she didn’t question it.

There is more to the story but I don’t want to bore you, also I didn’t really understand half of it. First she paid them a large sum to get help but when she refused to download and install some shady software to give them access to her computer (red flag!) they told her they could not help her. What?? So she asked for the money back, they told her she’ll get half of it back which from what I understood she still has not received yet.

Be careful who you listen to. Be careful to whom you send money.

And, only invest “gambling money”, money you can afford to loose.

I personally have not invested in stocks. I might. But not with a lot of money. We will see what the guy from the course I’m going to buy will say.


I will buy some Bitcoins, probably also Ethereum and a couple of more coins and tokens. But here I will listen to real experts, people I do trust.

I have not yet invested so I cannot give you a list of coins I have invested in. And even if, same advice as above, only gambling money and make your own research.

I’m so not interested in trading. So I will guy and hold. Or as they call it hodl 🙂

More Investment Ops

My friends are now very scared. I’m not. I’m learning. Watching videos. I bought a course on Defi, and learned a lot about crypto stuff.

I’m expecting quite a large sum of money (well, depends where you are at, it might be huge for some and a small pile for others LOL), anyway, while I’m expecting I’m looking around. And learning.

This Defi community once in a while recommends investments ops. While the first one I still have to wait to go in but the second one I have put in twice $100.

I like it because it’s pretty easy. One can start with $100 and add to it every week or every month, or not at all. The only “difficult” part is, you have to send it in BTC but we’ve found an app where you can easily buy BTC and from there send it to the investing app.

It all works on Telegram. I press a button in the evening and see how much profit I got today. It’s not much, of course, at first it was 11 cents now it’s up to 21 cents 🙂 but, every day.

Also on the phone I have an app where I can buy “splints” each for 50 Euros. They have watches like Rolex, new are diamonds, cars (wow, that one is very new), whiskey, art, Champagne… Here I can very diversify. I plan to have a few splints from each one available.

Then a friend is invested in a network called “the last network” though I’m not much interested in networking anymore but here I can buy their vow tokens and stake them (hold them) which will give me 4% a month – if I understood that correctly. Again, this is waiting for the Expecting 🙂


I’m looking around.

That does not mean I look at everything “friends” on Facebook and random people on Telegram message me with. But I’m a member of this Defi community and when they recommend something I think I can be pretty sure it’s a good thing.

I will also buy a course (in German) to learn how to secure my money and I’m sure he also has recommendations for investments to make my money grow. This also comes with a community. They do trips and I will get to meet other people who have some level of wealth.

I keep wondering what these people talk about 🙂


It’s going to be a totally different road and certainly a very interesting one. Don’t be scared. Just be wise.

All governments are printing money like crazy and thus owing the central banks (which don’t belong to the citizens) huge amounts of money. Did you hear about their plans to come out with their own crypto currency?

This should make you feel scared! Because everybody who buys into that scheme is going to be an open book to them (and the government) and then they own you.

One of the reasons I’m looking into decentralized opportunities.

What do you think of the I-Quadrant?

Let me know below. Looking forward to what you think or where you are at. E-, S-, B-, or I-Quadrant.

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