A Big Salary Does Not Get You Out Of The Ratrace

We are told to focus on the income column. We are taught to get a job, work hard, and keep getting pay raises. Or if you worked on an hourly basis, you were taught you should put in more hours or increase your hourly rate.

What Do We Focus On?

The focus was always on income, specifically ordinary earned income—increasing your salary, wages, or commission. As long as we put our focus and attention there, then we would be working hard for that income all our life.

The lights come on when we realize that the key to financial well-being is not to focus on acquiring income but to instead focus on acquiring assets. When we make that connection, life becomes easier, both in our personal financial life and in our business.

Focus on acquiring assets personally and also focus on the assets we were building within our company.

What New Assets Am I building Today?

Begin asking one important question: What new assets am I building today?

It is simply a different way of looking at the world.

The strategy to achieve infinite wealth, where the cash flow coming in is equal to or greater than your monthly expenses, is very simple:

Stop focusing on income and start acquiring assets that give you cash flow.

It’s no secret that wherever you put your time, energy, and focus will grow in your life. So if you want to achieve your financial dreams, you may want to put your time, energy, and focus on acquiring assets.

My newest asset is an opportunity called Crowd1. I focus on telling as many people as possible about this chance to build an asset and cash flow. Come, join me, changing people’s lives for the better!

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