Which Side is the Right Side?

Of course, you might say: Hey! Is this a trick question?

Alright, take a moment to review the chart, which represents Robert Kiyosaki’s Cash Flow Quadrant.

Now, let me pose a question: which side do you prefer, the right side or the left side? I would appreciate it if you could share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Which Side is the Right Side?

Interestingly, when I ask people this question, most of them tend to choose the right side. After all, having money work for you is far more appealing than working solely for money, wouldn’t you agree?

However, why do people still continue to work for money despite this understanding?

The answer lies in fear.

The majority of people have never ventured to the right side of the quadrant, primarily because it involves taking risks, and that can be very intimidating. Many have relatives or friends who failed. And the news is full of risky business, falling banks, tumbling stocks.

Many of my peers talk about making the move but are hesitant to actually do so because they fear failure.

Too old?

Nevertheless, most highly successful people have experienced numerous setbacks before achieving their success and becoming millionaires. While I could provide you with a whole list of such individuals who have picked themselves up and succeeded but lets just look at a few.

I’m sure you are already familiar with many of them. Take a look at this graphic:

lost in life, from failure to success

Zig Ziglar

Take Zig Ziglar, for instance, though not on this graphic above, but one of the most renowned salesmen I have ever known. He spent two years knocking on doors before making his first sale with the Salad Master Corporation! Eventually, he became the best salesman in his company. How did he accomplish this?

Simply because he never quit.

Unless you transition to the right side of the quadrant, you will continue to work for money, period.

So, how much longer do you plan on making excuses and remaining on the left side of the quadrant? It’s about time you moved to the right side and started living life on your own terms.

Quit your job!

Hahaha. No, you don’t have to quit your job. That would be stupid. You can set one foot into the b- and i-quadrant very riskfree. Staying on the left side, as an employee or being self-employed is indeed very risky. But start sticking a toe into the i-quadrant… it’s fun and not risky at all.

Scam? Giving up?

In 2021/2022 I had invested in Cannabis. From one day to the other we were not able to payout from our balance. Up until now nobody really knows whether it had been a scam from the beginning or did they hire shady people who somehow took over and turned it into an exit scam.

Many of my friends who have invested and lost several thousand bucks have given up.

I have not. I keep looking into other investments. I’m not giving up.

I find investing interesting and exciting. Just the thought that my money works instead of me… 🙂

Let’s Talk I-Quadrant

Thus, my favorite quadrant is the i-quadrant, the investing quadrant.

Is it risky, dangerous, scary?

Yes, all of the above. But I’m thinking, isn’t going into the jungle in sandals, with no hat, no water also risky, dangerous and very scary?

Everything you do without the right tools, knowledge is risky.

Investing in stocks?

If you don’t know what you are doing? Very risky.

Buying gold, silver, any metal or precisous stone or what ever. Risiky. If you don’t know what you are doing.

If you click on links people send you telling you how great their investment of company XYZ is. Yes, very risky.

I listen to people I know from the investing community. And yet, I don’t put my every last dime into it.

So, actually, I have invested into a course about Defi and its community. And I will invest into another course about securing assets (and growing). There, too, I will not just invest into a course but also into a community. They do trips, and we can attend. Which means, meeting other more or less rich people.

How does the saying go? Surround yourself with people who are there where you want to be.

Thus learning about finances, money, investing and so on is very important these days.

Both are German courses though so I can’t give you a recommendation link. But I will probably write more about what I learn. And when I find someone in that league who teaches in English, I’ll let you know here on this blog, where the sky is not the limit and if you think so, you have limited imagination.

So, keep learning. Don’t trust random people who message you. Keep your eyes open.

Live long and prosper!


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