The Cashflow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki – Rich Dad Poor Dad explains The Cashflow Quadrant

Which Quadrant are you right now? In one or several? Which one do you want to be in? Care to stick a toe into the I-Quadrant?

Escape Plan


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19 Responses

  1. Steven Moo says:

    Use it in a different way, it’s ur life pattern.

    1st pattern.
    E could into S, into B, and I
    means, during ur employment, once u have the $, it will go to the S, B and I sections.
    U may do the partime (S), u may work with friends on business (B),
    u may invest in the Fixed Deposit (I).

    S into B, S into I, Never E.
    Coz u r able self-employed.

    B into I, Never S, Never E
    I into B, Never S, Never E
    Coz u use people making money 4u.

  2. Vinnie Durrant says:

    creativity and general awareness are the most fundemental assets to becoming rich,robert is using “lateral thinking” to give you a broader perecption but he cant present you with better thinking tools than Edward de bono can(the originator of lateral thinking).

  3. cuscurusco says:

    I agree with you ,lolguyhahaha … your quotacion is remarcable..

  4. stitsenj says:

    you think that episode shows badly on rich dad?? Your crazy man..hahah

  5. KWAME972 says:

    This man Robert Kyiosaki is one of the best teacher in economy. I trust him on everything he says.

  6. orgelnam08 says:

    worth sharing!

  7. orgelnam08 says:


    …the difference between BROKE and POOR!

    being BROKEis temporal…
    being POOR is eternal!

  8. andrew son says:

    where you from?

  9. starmoon937 says:

    @joshpatrick1234 for ur knowledge and just b4 u bash innocent someone, if comment gets deleted it says deleted by author.
    btw no one deleted anything, but thx

  10. Jack .Feinstein says:

    I’m 1st give a dislike to this bullshit, I feel honored.

  11. ngruber says:

    seems the only thing this guy knows how to sell is his b.s. his two other businesses failed.


    what does he mean when he says my poor dad said and then my rich dad said. scizophrenic dad? or mr hyde

  13. murphystacks says:

    @kpjlflsknflksnflknsa Read the book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad

  14. computercube123 says:

    @nitrowheel I’m the first one to dislike and flag you comment

  15. Tosh_369 says:

    @kpjlflsknflksnflknsa – His “Rich Dad” was a neighbor that taught him financial skills, his “Poor Dad” was his real dad, the head of education in Hawaii.

  16. nokia3210fuck says:

    Why is Schiffs father in prison?

  17. middlevin T says:

    sell illegal drugs government cant tax you

    • TrusTIo TrusTiov says:

      starmoon937 Many thanks, I’ve been looking for “poor father rich father book” for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried – Saankramer Earn Infinity System – (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my colleague got excellent success with it.

  18. Eric D says:

    What kind of stupid advice is that. How many big businesses weren’t small businesses when they started? Of course, how would he know? His previous businesses failed. The only one that is successful is his business selling books, games and workshops. He won’t talk about his “investments” because they most likely aren’t doing as well as he pretends they are. At one of his seminars, he claimed to make a killing on mobile homes, but it was exposed as fake.