Death Of Dollar By Silver Manipulation?

While looking for awesome videos to share with you I stumbled upon Mr Mike Maloney who I think is also in the Richdad Scam Videos.

There has been so much talk about manipulation lately… word is really getting out. There are two chapters devoted to it in the film “Why Gold and Silver?”, but I figured now would be a good time to post some of Mike’s thoughts on this topic.

This is just a short snippet of a two-hour conversation,  a  raw untouched clip.

How do you feel about all this?

Escape Plan


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  1. silverfuturist says:

    Post as many clips like this as you can!

  2. Sean Kelly says:

    Hopefully the Andrew McGuire whistle blowing will do enough to save western currencies and issue in a gold standard.

  3. D Rutter says:

    Great video, guys. Good to hear Mike talking about this aspect of the story. Thank you!

    If you want to set this video as a reply to my Maguire video, I think that would be great for the viewers following this story.

    Great filming, editing, and video quality btw.

  4. Sean Kelly says:

    @whygoldandsilver : Certainly would. I’ve a good guess what he’s day. Governments and banks will do all the can to avoid it and eventually they’ll have no choice when the fiat is rejected.

  5. jhi1947 says:

    Hmmmmm. The people that make their living retailing gold & silver are the ones proclaiming prices of pms will go the moon.
    Sounds familiar… ie… real estate.

  6. jhi1947 says:

    @407buddy : Take the gold or silver to Kroger. Let me know how much food, etc. you are able to get. Send the uti;ity company some also. Let me know what happens. Cheers.

  7. donniebrasco24 says:

    @iaf000 in zimbabwe perhaps, not in dollars, not in our lifetime… id be happy with 100/oz

  8. sfiorare says:

    @Zoughi – you remind me of n.b. and w.h. hunt; anyway, after the metal bubbles crash i’ll get back to you and see what kind of yarn you have to spin about it then

  9. imaginator says:

    @whygoldandsilver ha ha, sfiorare doesnt have any insights, believe me.

  10. Alucard106 says:

    Even Metal Cant Destroy Metal 🙂

  11. MONOPOLY35 says:

    @WizzRacingAs the national debt goes higher, more money needs to be printed/ typed digitally as bank reserves to satisfy the higher interest payments. “Inflation will get worse overtime because if deflation comes first, they will print more money and repeat the same mistakes.” – Marc Faber

  12. Gyva02 says:

    Thanks for link to this.

  13. Autobahn No Limit says:

    more good information

  14. Helen Savari-Renold says:

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    I’ve compiled numerous excellent videos and interviews with Mile Maloney and others plus some more information on how to get on the receiving end of the greatest wealth transfer soon to happen. Do check it out…

  15. Jeremy Farrance says:

    I was talking to someone about silver as a preserver of wealth. This guy commented saying, “I shorted silver in 2011, and won”. The arrogant and dismissive “been there done that” attitude was astounding, not to mention a little insulting. He’s never owned physical silver and as far as I know doesn’t own any. He might as well have said, “I went to the casino in 2011, and won” and on this basis looked at us like we were bumpkins. The ‘paper’ market is completely disconnected from reality.

  16. noventar says:

    hi I have a question:

    I keep hearing that silver is a valuable commodity in addition to being an alternative currency, because most of the silver mined are used in the manufacturing of goods etc. So if there is an economic collapse, wouldn’t the demand for silver go down, thus decreasing its value as a commodity?

    • N V says:

      Temporarily perhaps yes. This happened post 07/8 crash for about a year…. then industries resumed and consumption of all metals increases again… At the same time, if gold becomes too pricey and people look into silver,… then the jump in silver price will offshoot drop in industrial demand by miles….. this is the primary reason why Mike is buying it… just finished reading his book..

  17. Dieter Soegemeier says:

    The US dollar is finished and will collapse. so start buying water canned food and gold and silver to trade with. one third of the US states now accept gold as legal tender, this has not happened since the American revolution. The US dollar we all know is worthless. Many countries throughout Europe and the middle east wont accept the US dollar to buy goods with. So get ready for the big one. The banking system as we know it today is over and we all want a fair system. Free sounds good.

  18. Tai Mir says:

    Even now gold has shot up by £50 odd but silver has only moved about 30p!

  19. N V says:

    HSOM >> MCU > DCEU