Can You Make Money With No Creditcard?

When I started with Ecommerce I watched a lot of videos by Sarah from Wholesale Ted.

She went and created a couple of videos for people who want (or need) to start a business but have no money. I think that’s quite generous of her and of her time. So, check it out:

10 Websites To Make Money Online For FREE In 2020 💰

Which one of those 10 is your favorite? I’ve started a Redbubble account and already sold a couple of shirts, well 1 shirt and one cup 🙂 And I have an idea for the course’s business. But I’m not very active with marketing. What I missed is what Sarah teaches in video 2 …s.

And for now, I’m building a different kind of online business. And on the side, I have a Redbubble Store. And I have an idea for a course. But for now, I concentrate on the Freedom Launchpad. It’s about affiliate marketing, how to build a list, and passive income. Check it out.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Tips and Ideas to Market Your Designs

Now, the next crucial thing is to learn how to market your designs.

And when you get or have at least 99 Euros consider joining this fast-growing online business. Because you don’t need to build a website, create designs, market your products all on your own. This is a “done for you” business! More here. Because having 2 income legs makes sense. And because you help others get passive income, too. And it’s easier to get started 😉

discover passive income

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