Rich Dad Author Says The Next Financial Crash Will be Like an “Avalanche”

For bestselling author Robert Kiyosaki, crashes, debt and taxes are the secret to how the rich are getting richer, so is 2018 setup to deliver?

“I hope so,” said Kiyosaki the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad and his latest, How the Rich are Getting Richer.

And with the stock market continuing to hit all-time highs, Kiyosaki said the next financial crash is “imminent,” simply because “something has to happen.

“Since 2004 we have been in a debt bubble and the problem with debt bubbles is that when they come down, they come down like an avalanche so I don’t think it’s too long [away.] I’m not trying to be an alarmist because I like crashes, it’s like going into Wal-Mart and they are having a 50% off sale, so when everything goes on sale I am back int he market,” Kiyosaki said.

Should a financial correction occur, Kiyosaki said he is well covered with his gold holdings which he has been accumulating since 1972, “I have more gold then I can ever spend in my lifetime,” he said.

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23 Responses

  1. Ricardo Rivera says:

    What a short video, I want a complete video.

  2. streetstylz says:

    Robert’s next book will be titled: “Poor Dad, Poorer Dad” …. He’ll be begging for a crash when the DOW reaches 50,000. Hope he diversified into Bitcoin, Litecoin & other cryptocurrencies.

  3. Adrian FC82 says:

    Robert Kiyosaki! The next crash will be epic.

  4. Greg Lamatrice says:

    Please let it be in three years so I have more time to buy gold.

  5. northerniltree says:

    If he likes crashes, he should be a driving school instructor.

  6. wayne mcclory says:

    Look around it’s crashing now. What don’t you understand

  7. Unkn0wn Canadian says:

    Smart man

  8. PokerSurfer says:

    Hate these doom and gloomers

  9. 2000 2000 says:

    LOL i know you love crashesh

  10. RIchard B says:

    I seem to remember that Robert, in previous vids, often stated how he was heavily invested in debt. Debt which he now says is going to crash. Oh I don’t know, maybe I am mistaken. Perhaps I should sign up to one of his seminars and for 30,000 he will teach me how to become rich. Good salesman though, even if it is of snake oil.

    • Bock says:

      Awesome, if debt crashes, it only means if he owes 20 Million, he will only owe a few million after the crash, so effectively a debt crash is good for people who are invested in cash,….cheers///

    • Bock says:

      after the crash of debt, it only reduces in Value, so say you have something worth 100 USD now, which is all virtual |$$$ when it crashes it’ll be worth a few $$$, so people who invest in debt will have to repay, only those few $|$|$, I hope that answers your query….cheers///

    • Bock says:

      if he invested his equity (real |$$$ ) he would loose it in an equity crash, not in a debt investment…cheers///

  11. TheInvisibleOne says:

    Kiyosaki’s advice has been completely wrong on timing for years and years.  Yes while he sometimes has some sound advice his calls have been terrible.  And despite what many say market timing is everything.

  12. Shawn Liu says:

    This guy bs too much….Don’t buy his book.

  13. Robert Walterman says:

    I think he is right major rises end why I buying silver and a little gold to defend myself the cryptos and stock market close to big correction buy low sell high metals ending many year drop Friday a very big day

  14. ryanonthevedder says:

    Sorry Kiyosaki, I d sooner get investment advice from bus stop graffiti. Daniella looks great as always…

  15. Derelect5 says:

    Get ready for the paper gold digital smack down next week. Absent the rule of law, fraudulent digital control trumps all. But I like trading my closed loop control generated “just-in-time”, “created-from-thin-air” digital currency units for a modern digital asset/money hybrid, that is constrained into immutable legitimacy by a consensus algorithm; and run on a decentralized network that cannot be co-opted by Central Banking thieves. The cryptos are free market driven digital virtue, spawned by an age of government sanctioned unconstrained digital monetary and market fraud. The true market ALWAYS discovers value, even if it has to create brand new asset class to do so. Better Buy Bitcoin!

  16. Bock says:

    Well said, Robert, Daniela, mate the Video was too short, wasn’t it?

  17. mr. smart says:

    The Big crash come when virual money come !

  18. Troublesomenights says:

    He is try to play safe, people all know it’s this year the real crash.

  19. james m says:

    You cant name 1 person who got Rich following this guys advice
    Not 1
    Keep that in mind

  20. Osbye Cad says:

    This chin is wrong all the time. He makes money selling books and wrong advice. Nothing will bring the stock market this year. The market is untouchable—just like Trump. Once Trump is out then go to gold. Therefore, you need to be in the stock market while his in office for the next 6 years.