How to Start Investing Small

Kim often tells people to start small with their first investment. However, let’s be clear that this doesn’t mean you should think small. Quite the opposite – you should think big when it comes to where you want to go and what you plan to achieve.

Once you’ve got your big audacious goal, break it down into smaller steps. Start with the smallest step. Keep moving forward, first with little steps, small investments, and then progress to bigger steps. As your experience and confidence grow with each success-and yes, even with the setbacks-you will get closer and closer to that big goal.

When Kim was buying the house in Portland, she knew that it was a first step in a much larger journey. She had grand dreams, but they started with 800 square feet. Today, she owns thousands of apartments in Portland and beyond. It started with a small investment and a big dream.

So start small. But always THINK BIG!

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