Invest Diversely in the Long Term

Rich Dad Scam #8: Invest Diversely in the Long Term

Mutual funds are a great way to make money—if you sell them to others. Otherwise they are a Rich Dad Scam. How can millions of people be wrong? Watch this video and learn.

I totally agree Real Estate is a great way to invest, and I would like to say that for me, living in Switzerland, without a job (self-employed – banks want people with a job or assets…) I won’t get loans from the banks to buy Real Estate here. A friend has a business where people can buy through him a real estate in the south of Germany with 0.- down.- but you have to have a job (duh) and be under 45 years old. I just topped that by 10 years. Too bad. But there are always other ways. Just a few days I heard about one which I’m going to explore more, as far as I have seen so far age, job, and so on is of no issue.

While real estate is at the moment out of my budget I have found something that is right in my budget and a way to get a toe into the I-Quadrant.

As a member of a club that invests as angel investors to young startups and we club members get shares of those companies. And you can build passive, monthly recurring, income with their affiliate program. I think that’s a great way with a small monthly amount of money to start investing.

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