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I’d like to share a motivational video here on my Lifestyledream blog that I dedicated to money, money mindset, money education. And a bit of self-development. One moves into the other. 

I found this comment under the video. I just have to share it:

Simple question:


This morning, I turned on my TV and the station from last night was tuned in to Bill Nye, “The Science Guy”. Before I could change the channel, I heard him say,

“Everything in the universe is in motion. Forces put things in motion. Forces, like when something is pushed or pulled. To understand motion, you have to understand if you are pushing on things or things are pushing on you.

Now, here’s the thing: When something is at rest, or sitting still, it stays sitting still unless acted on by an outside force. And when something is moving, it keeps moving unless acted on by an outside force. This is true of everything that you can touch and see.

As you may know, inertia is a property of matter. Gravity is an outside force that pulls things down. To move a mass, you need a force.

In mathematics, we say force equals mass times acceleration. F=ma. So, in order to get the same mass accelerating twice as much, you need twice as much force… (And,) For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. These are the universe’s ‘Laws of Motion’ as stated by Sir Isaac Newton.” –Bill Nye

To get your body in motion the first thing that is necessary is MATTER, something that MATTERS. If you don’t have something that MATTERS, a cause, a dream, an ambition, you will remain at rest.

Additionally, the force of GRAVITY will continue to pull you down and keep you down.

The force of GRAVITY comes disguised in many forms. It is a negative, predatory chameleon. Some of its configurations are fear, laziness, distractions, excuses, maintaining disempowering relationships, I’ll do it “tomorrow-itis”, lack of perseverance, INFIRM BELIEF, accepting the negative influences of the 95% crowd, and most damagingly, poor habits.

Move Your (M)ass

To get your (m)ass moving, you must accelerate twice as much with twice as much positive force. Positive force, too, is a chameleon.

It is configured initially through a dream that EVOLVES into a BELIEF and, with proper nourishment, morphs into a burning desire.

Unlike gravity, which wears you down, the marriage of a burning DESIRE with firm, unshakable BELIEF is the positive union of thought and emotion. This specific union is two-thirds of the HOLY TRINITY OF SUCCESS.

The third piece is taking ACTION.

As Newton and “the science guy” tell us, action begets an equal and opposite reaction. To get a reaction you must take ACTION.

The Universe has laws that act consistently and without prejudice. Once we are able to identify these laws, we are able to use them to our advantage because their consistency creates inner CERTAINTY.

The Simplest Law

The simplest law is that the Universe’s creatures have, essentially, two parts to every day.

One of these is sleep and the other is activity.

The time frame is roughly divided 1/3 sleep and 2/3 activity.

The purpose of sleep is twofold.

Regeneration of the body is one product of sleep. The othe

r product is to dream and imagine while the mind is at rest. This allows the Universe’s gift, our subconscious mind, freedom to roam, unshackled, from our self-imposed conscious limitations. Isn’t this when humankind is at its productive best? Isn’t this where ideas have their genesis? This can be accomplished by planting a timely “seed” just before you transition from the state of consciousness to the state of unconsciousness.

Isn’t this method simple and clearly the intention of the Universe?

The Remaining Two-Thirds

We have been “allotted” the remaining 2/3 of the day to take action upon these dreams. There is the implied understanding that there will be some trial and error involved to accomplish these dreamed outcomes. The time allotment indicates this. The Universe has left us clues and given us this simple (but not necessarily easy) method of implementation.

Those without GRIT need not apply. Just as the Universe has spring follow winter consistently, allowing the farmer to plant his seeds at just the right time, the Universe has given us a simple roadmap to plant our seeds and achieve progress:

Conceive, Believe, Achieve.

This formula allows us to conceive an objective mentally and achieve it physically.


Frankly, I am a continuing student of this game we call SUCCESS and ACHIEVEMENT. All of the empirical evidence that I have studied indicates that the UNIVERSE has SIMPLE laws that are consistent, act without prejudice, and are connection forming with all of the creatures that co-inhabit our world. Our major issue is to understand motion, i.e. you must understand if you are pushing on things or things are pushing on you if you want to make progress. To all of the pundits out there that, for various reasons, seek to complicate a formula that was intended to be SIMPLE, have a nice day…Eli’s dad

Written by PETER Avergun on Youtube (unfortunately, this video is not available anymore, good thing I had saved those words because I had needed to “hear” them).

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