Rich Dad Poor Dad Audio Book

If you are like me, you have read this book years ago. So why not listen to it? Maybe there are things that you missed when reading? Or forgot over the years?

It must be over 10 years that this book was lying on the couch table of a friend I was visiting. I picked it up and read the text on the back cover and put it down again. Real Estate? I’m not interested in Real Estate.

So, I went back to the kitchen where the cooking was in full mode. And there were at least 3 people in that kitchen… accordingly, it was loud.

Was it the noise? Or was it something about that book that drew me back into the living room? Blissfully quiet I sat down on the couch, picked the book up again and opened it on a random page – and got sucked in.

I was not sucked in like into a book by Agatha Christie, or Nancy Warren, or Missy Good or Karl May (I read his books as a teenager and my mom would have to shake me out of it because I was not in our living room anymore, I was riding a horse or sneaking around a camp of bad guys…).

Anyway, whatever it was, I got sucked in. And when dinner was ready, they had to come and find me and shake me out of the book 🙂

So, I’m happy to have found this audio, listening, and remembering why I’m doing what I’m doing, again and again.

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