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English Präsentation:

Join our DAILY webinar Sunday till Saturday – every day:


If you log in with THE ZOOM APP ON 📲 smartphone choose room nr: 938-472-8394

IF the room is full, you can follow on Youtube:

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07:00 AM Canada (Toronto)
08:00 AM Suriname
11:00 AM Ghana
PM United Kingdom / Nigeria
01:00 PM CET (Amsterdam)
01:00 PM South Africa / Botswana
01:00 PM Zimbabwe / Zambia
02:00 PM Kenya / Uganda / Tanzania
02:00 PM South Africa time
04:00 PM Pakistan
04:00 PM Kazakhstan
PM India
06:00 PM Vietnam
07:00 PM Philippines / HongKong
08:00 PM Manila time
10:00 PM Solomon Islands / Vanuatu
13.00 h Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Hungary, Polen, etc.

=> none of these times are good for you? But you still want to know what this is all about? Check out a recorded webinar.

Afterwards, contact me on Facebook
and tell me what positive thing you liked best

Deutsche Präsentation:

Die Webinare/ Geschäftspräsentationen sind bis auf Widerruf zu folgenden Terminen

Montag um 20:00 Uhr



Jeden Abend um 21h

Anschliessend kontaktiere mich auf Facebook
und sage mir, welches positive “Ding” dir am Besten gefallen hat!


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