Welcome Team Member

Welcome to Team LifeStyleDream!

Please save this link somewhere 🙂

I hope you have already fully watched the recorded webinar. And please, take the time to watch as many of the live Zoom meetings as you can because often they give away white packages to attendees.

Also. This is a business. Take the time to understand it a bit better. Not, so you can tell all about it to your friends. No. Don’t. Just invite them to the webinar. But if you understand it better you are more self-assured to invite people to join.

Your Why

I would love to hear from you about your why. Why you joined Crowd1. Tell me on Telegram (it’s a free app, we use it, so get it if you don’t have it yet). @xarah_lsd is my Telegram ID.


Now that you are a valued team member, it’s time to educate yourself to understand everything size bite:

What is the education package about / What is Grithub


Available Packages


Fear of Loss Bonus


How to earn money / Binary Plan


or this video below. It shows how to place people. Basically, put your 3rd and everybody after, on the left leg, that’s the one we are building now.

I suggest you subscribe to his channel and watch his stuff! 

How to invite people

Send them to one of the live Zoom meetings. Or, if those times are not feasible, then feel free to send them to this page, just make sure they come back to you after watching.

DO NOT explain anything. We tend to talk too much. Let the webinar talk.

I hope you can grab the fear of loss bonus because you deserve it!

Invite Link

How to create an invite link instead of your normal signup link

Telegram Groups

Our team leader’s telegram group:

Find me on Telegram: @xarah_lsd so I can add you to our Telegram chat group.

In both groups, you’ll get information. About promos or incentives. In our chat group, you can ask questions and ask for gift codes, for you or new team members.

Meet our Team Leader Renze and our CEO Johan