Proximity Marketing Turned Upside Down!

Restaurants, salons, fitness clubs and boutiques have one thing in common – they want to attract new customers.

What about Network Marketers? Do they want more customers and find more Reps?

Imagine how amazing it would be to send a special offer to everyone walking by… straight to their Android phone. Well, imagine no more – amazing is here!

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How It Works:

We give you a tiny wireless device called a Royaltie Gem. You decide the promotional message you want to broadcast. The Royaltie Gem sends your message to every nearby Android smartphone.

Android represents 60% of the North American smartphone market. Over 80% worldwide. Yes, this works worldwide, as long as an Android phone comes within 100 yards (94 meters).

To receive Royaltie messages, the phone just needs Bluetooth turned on.

The Royaltie Gem is battery powered and lasts two years. It does not require cellular data or a Wifi connection. Just take it out of the box, and you’re up and running!

A few more fun facts about this amazing device:

Signal Range: 100 yards, almost 100 m
Communications: Bluetooth Low Energy wireless technology 2.4GHz RF

  • Keep a Royaltie Gem in your car and promote your brand wherever you go.
  • Keep one at each active listing for 24/7 marketing to anyone walking by.
  • Attach them to your open house signage to share directions and photos.

The opportunities are endless.

Prices from June 1 (no matter what the video says ;-)):
$25 for one Gem per month
$49 for three Gems per month
$99 for 8 Gems per month.
+ $30 one time activation fee no matter how many gems you bought.
+$30 shipping for anywhere outside of USA or Canada. (This is a Canadian company)

First and last month with the first order.

Ask me how you can get your three Gems for free!

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And, yes, if you order from my link, your order will go towards my revenue. Ask me about our affiliate compensation plan.