Juicy’s Plants

What plants does Juicyfield offer?

JuicyFlash – Cost 50 Euros – Revenue: 68-83 Euros

JuicyMist – Cost 2000 Euros – Revenue: up to 4’800 Euros (in 3 years)

JuicyKush – Cost 2000 Euros – Revenue: up to 9000 Euros (in 4 years)

JuicyHaze – Cost 2000 Euros – Revenue: up to 12’000 Euros (in 5 years)

Before I go on, PLEASE! Do not “invest” more than you are willing or able to loose. Even if this is almost a risk free business, it’s still a risk. And remember, it takes time.


There are several strategies. I will go into 2. In the end you have to decide yourself. Do you want to follow a strategy or just buy plants when ever you have money left over end of the month. Though as Robert Kiyosaki says: pay yourself first. In other words, rather buy every month at least one JuicyFlash and then pay your bills 😉

  • Withdraw the revenue to your bank account or Crypto account.
  • Only withdraw the “invested” money and use the profit to buy new plants
  • Only withdraw the profit and use the original amount to buy again that amount of plants
  • “Reinvest” all of the money in your profit balance to buy more plants.


  • Buy once every cycle
  • Buy every month
  • Buy every week
  • Buy every for every planting days (Tuesdays and Fridays)

Strategy Flash

You start with JuicyFlash.

  • buy  3 JuicyFlash and wait for them to be harvested (108 days) and then you can buy 4 JuicyFlash for the next cycle
  • Buy monthly, that way you will get monthly cashflow
  • Buy weekly…
  • Eventually you might reach the limit of 1000 JuicyFlash, now is the time to buy any of the others

Strategy Mist, Kush, Haze

  • Start with the “big” plants, Mist, Kush or Haze
  • These get replanted for the said amount of time.
  • Kush: 4 years replanting, 3 harvests/year
  • Mist: 3 years replanting, 4 harvests/year
  • Haze: 5 years replanting, 2 harvests/year

Now, this might be a lot of information. Don’t be shy to contact me as soon as you have created your account.

To your new green gold future!