English Crowd1 Presentation

Here’s why you need to consider building another income stream:

A lot of people in all kinds of industries are suddenly without income.

Whether you choose to join my team or do something else, that’s up to you. But do yourself a favor and watch this video. It’s like turning your smartphone into an ATM machine 🙂

PS: Please note, this video was recorded on Feb 1st, 2020. Some of the information is out of date but the most important parts are still true. That’s why it makes sense to eventually watch a live Zoom webinar where you will get the most up-to-date information.

  1. Owner rights are now crowd1 rewards because when there will be more companies, it’ll be easier to claim them every Wednesday
  2. The Automatic upgrade promo is over  is on again – Until June 5, 2020

Did you fully understand, what this is all about?

I certainly didn’t the first nor even the second time. But that didn’t stop me from joining.

Afterward, I attended several of their live streams and watched the recordings and honestly? I still don’t fully understand it but that’s ok because I understand every time a bit more and I understand this is a chance to participate in a huge and growing industry. So I figured: why not participate? These millions of people spend money anyways whether I’m part of it or not.

I understand this:

Think Uber and Airbnb, who own neither cars nor beds, Crowd1 does not sell any products of its own. It merely markets other companies’ digital products. How smart is that? If you know what affiliate marketing is, you are much closer to understand what Crowd1 does.

And moreover, by introducing this opportunity, this true digital chance, I can help as many people as I want! And so can you. Who do you know who needs this?

Nobody is alone

Helping People

I can help people who have lost their job or who don’t know if or when their job will be “back”. I can help any kind of business owners to build a second income leg because they then can help their employees to have another income stream. And their families, and friends… it’s like a movement.


Imagine: people not working for money at a job anymore (well, they still get paid of course) but they work there because they LIKE their job! Imagine how this will change the world for the better!

2 Options

If all of that makes any kind of sense to you, you have 2 options:

  1. Contact me so I can help you get started
  2. You are still not sure, in that case, I suggest you attend a live Zoom meeting and see all those people who are also looking for a new way.

PS: If you tried to watch the video but it was just too long… go here. 14 Minutes.