Work Hard!

Rich Dad Scam #3: Work Hard

Have you been told to Work hard for money? Then You’ve been Scammed.
In this Rich Dad Scams video, Robert and the Rich Dad Team redefine the concept of working hard. Watch this video to learn more. Then let me know what you think.

I keep hearing people who post on Facebook that they are willing to work hard. They seem not to have discovered working smart yet. And they don’t understand taxes. I hope they find this video or this blog post. And find a way to work smart instead of hard. And maybe… for some people working hard is just right for them… who am I to interfere?

Anywhoo… Do you play the Cashflow game yet? Find a club in your city! Try Google and/or And/or play it online on the website. Connect with me on FB and let’s play together!


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