Will Smith on making his kids read Rich Dad Poor Dad


I love how Will admits of still working on his being poor mindset. And what a lot of people don’t realize, even rich people (Will, Oprah…) have money problems. Just different ones than the poor or middle class.

So, you see, it’s really important to teach your kids when you are rich or working on becoming rich (financially free) so you don’t have problem #5.

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41 Responses

  1. Mr. Jeff says:

    Wow Will Smith looks the same as he did when he was 19 in his Parents Just Don’t Understand Video.. He ages extremely well!

  2. Life Moments says:

    @Division1985 You know what you want and where your going. Have you read The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo?

  3. It's a Journey says:

    @juki0h yeah, trey is his oldest son, that boy up there with curly hair

  4. JubrilAgoro says:

    Will smith is BIG reason for my Success. I have taken a lot his advice to heart. I am now 25 been traveling the world 2 years straight while running my business. Last few years I been to Fiji, Japan, London, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and So many other places. THANK YOU WILL SMITH for being an incredible example

  5. Ashley235 says:

    pull his pants down?… wat the…..

  6. JubrilAgoro says:

    Yes I have been to afica and loved it, will be spending most of 2014 there

  7. xKuma420 says:

    rich dad poor dad is such a profound book on money u guys should really check it out.

  8. IIQSPAT says:

    Will pulls down his pants infront of school children… hmmm… caught red handed

  9. Brian Stump says:

    wtf is she doing at 1:29 with her hands?

  10. Nd Dymium says:

    everytime Will talks I want him to shut up….

    Great guy. Honest heart. But please, everytime you talk it just seems like you’re trying too hard to sound intelligent. Like you’re acting. RELAX.

    And why he pullin his pants down at a kids school? Thats…kinda…creepy? Lol, look at how they all tried to brush it off and move on as quickly as possible

    • Kathryn Dorsey says:

      You think so? I find him more honest and genuine than most celebs in their interviews and I think he was joking about pulling his pants down 🙂

    • dhern049 says:

      +Nd Dymium you’re overanalyzing

    • BushidoKi says:

      I think Jaden was in the spot light and said that, I think he was playing.

    • Makaveli says:

      Nd Dymium yeah he ain’t got that natural wisdom like Pac unfortunately

  11. Sabiancym says:

    Oprah doesn’t go to sleep anxious about her finances?  Stop the presses!  

    I always just assumed she slept on a mattress full of crumpled up 100s.

    • OregonGreen says:

      Who knows what a million dollars can do????? Well IDK, help out homeless people, start a small business, feed a couple families for thanksgiving… STUPID

    • SageoftheSixPaths says:

      +OregonGreen this is actually a poor mans mindset . people are not poor because they lack the funds. people are poor because the y have no way or desire to generate income. give them money only solves needs in the short term. and really only helps those who were able to generate income and may have fell on some bad luck and made poor financial decisions. helping THEM for a bit allows them to focus on what went wrong and get back on there feat and funny enough they likely will be more wealthy than ever before. but for your truly poor, your just making yourself feel good by giving them a sand which . you aren’t truly helping them.

  12. NemeanLion says:

    I think the “parents just dont understand” song is the only one where he didn’t rip off someone else’s sounds. 

  13. Motivational Philosopher says:

    Highly criticized and also highly successful. That is why he reads books on self development, to keep battling the negative demons that exist within and outside of his mind. #MP

    • BushidoKi says:

      What do you mean by that ?

    • Motivational Philosopher says:


    • Motivational Philosopher says:

      +davidjd123 There are haters who are negative and there is a hater inside of us all who is negative. That is why self development is important if you want to defeat the negative talk and create a prosperous life.

    • BushidoKi says:

      Oh I get you I was getting the impression that you were saying like many people believe about celebrities that they are part of the illuminati. But yes I agree Will Smith is very motivating and self made person the deserves respect.

  14. Roman Fox says:

    I didn’t know there was a Trey Smith, and, of course, he talks just like his pops.

  15. Roman Fox says:

    2:10 Jayden looks scared/emotionally scarred, and Trey is like, “Pops, for real? WTF?”

  16. Ralph Flores says:

    Will, you need to teach your kid Jaden that he doesn’t need to wear women’s clothes.

  17. CeCe King says:

    Everyone wants to be a Millionaire but
    very few people even understand the
    difference between a Liability and an
    Asset. Until we devote a great deal of
    our time to understanding Financial
    Terminology and commit to becoming
    Financially Literate, we’ll forever be
    a small fish in the ponds of sharks that
    will eat us up for lunch due to our lack
    of knowledge!

  18. Ray man says:

    This is why you never hear will smith in debt or bankruptcy, No matter how rich you are without financial intelligence you will go broke period.

  19. chrusos khroo-sos says:

    We’re all going to be poor dads when the markets collapse. Thank these politicians for 20 trillion in debt. This can’t last.

    • Epi says:

      chrusos khroo-sos Even when Rich Dad was technically poor, he always said he was rich. What makes a person rich isn’t his money: it’s their assets. The greatest asset you have in life is always your mind.

      And I can say that with your mindset, you are correct. *You* will be poor.

      The truly rich, capitalists, will do as they have always done. They will capitalize and see the crash as an opportunity.

      Rich people always look from the edge of a coin. Thus they gain an edge by *being on the edge* so I implore you:

      *Never stop innovating*

    • Bella Bell says:

      Not me

  20. LAZEDOUT says:

    Wait what was that whole pull his pants down thing about ..WHY AINT NOBODY TALKING ABOUT THIS