Truth Or Hype

When I first got started online – I had no
clue who to trust, or what I had to do in
order to make my first dollar online.

I felt lost.

Like a baby bird learning to spread his
wings for the first time – I took the leap
and tried to fly.

But, I didn’t fly.

I ended up falling instead.

And as hard as I tried to flap my little
wings so I could fly – I kept falling…



Down I went…

And on my way down, I watched as
money was pouring out of my bank
faster than it was coming in!

“Why was this happening?” I said
to myself on the long way down…

eagle power of life - it's easy to make money onlineThe big bird who sat at the top of
the mountain said…

“Making money is easy!”

“All you have to do is spread your
wings and fly!”

I could not figure out what was I
doing wrong.

Why wasn’t his advice working?
Was he really telling the truth?

Or was he full of hype?


That’s when it happened…
I hit the ground.

And as I hit the ground, “IT” hit

The big bird sitting at the top of
the mountain was full of hype.

“How could I be so foolish to
believe him?”

I said aloud to myself as I laid
on the ground trying to come
to terms with what happened.

“You’re not the only one,” said
a voice from what seemed to
be only a few feet away…

“Don’t worry though.”

“This isn’t going to happen to
you again” they continued to

And when I responded…
“How can you be so sure?”

They showed me this:

And now I show it to you. Check it out and then
get back to me.

All the best,

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