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Did you know that you can edit your group profile?

A lot of people use FB groups for their marketing. But they leave out some pretty valuable real estate.
In other words, if you click on somebody’s name in a group, it’s possible to see a different cover image than on their main profile – IF they know about the trick.
Most don’t!
transform your social media profile
So, even if you are active in a group that’s all about cats and you are not allowed to post anything about your business you’d like to promote…
  1. Create a nice cover using
  2. Then post a valuable comment that fits the post
  3. Click on your name
  4. Click on the button “edit profile”.
  5. Upload your new cover image for that group.

Hidden Real Estate

One never knows whether others also click on the names of people because they want to visit their profile because their post was so interesting. Or because they want to send them a message.
I bet you have done that, too.
It’s extra marketing real estate plus it only costs you a little bit of time to do this in all the groups you are in. One by one.


cute kitty transform your social media profileYou can even make that cover specific to that group. Add a cute kitty to the image.
With you can do all kinds of neat stuff.
Create one FB cover image which you can easily edit for any topic of the group.
But of course, you don’t have to. You can also just create a cover image matching the business you want to promote. Add text like “send me a message”.
Happy Marketing!

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