The Golden Goose

Have you heard about the story of the farmer and the golden goose?

The Story of the Golden Goose

A farmer one day finds a goose in his barn and she had laid a gold egg. He’s really happy and takes the egg back to the farm house. Both he and his wife sit around the table and glance at that golden egg, a blissful smile on their faces.

Who wouldn’t smile if they had just found a golden egg?

Well, the next day, the farmer again finds a golden egg. He’s really happy and drives into town to sells the eggs. Now he can pay some of his debts and loans. And even buy his wife a little gift. She’s happy, too. Very happy. The frugal days are over!

Every day he goes into the barn to find a golden egg. While at first he does not expect to find a golden egg and he’s genuinely grateful but after a while he expects to find a golden egg.

And I think you can guess. Somehow he looses being grateful and feeling blessed by this generous goose who dutifully lays a golden egg every day.

He starts giving her more feed hoping she lays more than one egg. But no, she doesn’t. She keeps laying one egg every morning.

He starts shouting at the goose to lay more eggs. Of course that doesn’t help either.

Greed Eats Brain

So, one day he’s so full of greed, he goes into the barn with a knife and kills the Goose, hoping to find lots of golden eggs inside of her. But of course he doesn’t. There are no eggs in the goose and now she’s dead. And the blissful, wonderous days of the golden eggs are over. For ever.

This is were the term “greed eats the brain” comes from.

Moral of the Story

  1. Get a golden Goose
  2. Don’t kill your golden Goose!

What else?

I think this story beautifully explains passive income.

The goose does all the work and the farmer simply collects.

My green gold business is the same. Only it’s not a goose it’s a plant.

  • The farmers have a bunch of mother plants.
  • They take little cuttings off and plant them.
  • They call them clones because calling them babies would be really weird 🙂

Anyway. They leave the mother plants alone. They don’t harvest (kill) them. Only the clones get harvested.


Yes, it takes quite a long time (108 days) for the clones to have fully grown and to be ready to be harvested, dried and packaged before I get to “sell” and rake in the profit but it just comes down to being grateful and patient.

Some people I introduce this awesome golden goose say it takes too long. They are invested in some investment things that pays 1-2% per day and they can withdraw daily (or what ever). These opps are geared towards impatient people.

I for one, can wait and those 3,5 months flew by… I don’t know… is time going faster than it did before the turn of the century? I sometimes thing so.Anyway, this green golden goose chance is nothing for people who thrive on instant gratification.


On the other hand, if you keep buying plants, monthly or even weekly, like I and many others do, soon you will get monthly or weekly harvests.

I had wondered why there is a “break” in my harvesting and selling callendar calender next week. Then I remembered:

In summer I was sick for a week and didn’t buy any plants. I was too tired and too weak to even turn on the computer.

My question to you: Do you want (another) golden goose? And are you patient?

Watch a few videos that show you what this green golden egg is all about.

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