New Business

Going towards the end of the year 2018 I started with a new business. I certainly didn’t plan to. LOL

Last summer I started a B2B business where I had to learn a lot which I didn’t mind at all. I love learning new stuff.

Then, last month, a friend of mine bought a course on Messenger bots and Manychat and I thought that would be a great addition to my business, so I learned alongside of him…

… until that fateful Sunday (the course is on Sundays) when the moderator started talking about a guy he met when he was in the USA (he’s German) and that this guy just started a new business and he told us he had decided to create a messenger bot for him – for free! I don’t want to get into the reasons why because that’s not important for this story.

Anyway. He went over what this guy is creating a little bit and finished that he would go into it more next Wednesday. He gave us a Messenger bot link and I – since I’m curious like a cat – clicked on it and “registered”.

Not what I expected

What I got to see was not at all what I had expected. At first, I was angry and disappointed but part of me started to listen and what that part heard and saw was like nothing it had ever seen and past it on to the other angry me.

We both started to quiet down and listen, watch and were in awe.

That guy, the American guy, has been creating a front-end system for a network marketing company (well, not for them but for his team) which is totally free to join!


It’s genius

What really got me into it – apart from the products which I’ll get into in a later post – is the genius behind it.

See, anybody who is interested in starting a business or learning more about marketing for their existing (MLM) business can join for free. And every day a new video is released which puts a stop to overwhelm.

And of course there is an upgrade And of course, he mentions that at least once in those videos but that is good news because you want him to sell the upgrade to your pre-enrollees this is where you will make the money while you learn more about marketing. Isn’t that awesome?

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