Hemp is a potential Game-Changer

Since I got involved in a hemp business I was wondering… didn’t we human beings use the hemp plant for all kinds of things?

I remember that we used to have hemp twine when I grew up and for the longest time I used this term for any kind of twine.

And while I never used or saw hemp paper and hemp cloth, I think it’s time to go back to the hemp roots.

What if we could stop cutting trees for our paper need (do you remember that when the computers came to all the office that we thought we could go paper-less?). After all, hemp grows much faster than a tree. And we need lots of trees to clean the air and give us oxygen. Right.

And there is more to consider. Water!

Cherished by ancient civilizations, hemp is a potential game-changer for the fashion industry

Consider this. It takes 2,700 liters of water, 0.22 pounds of fertilizer, 0.1 pounds of pesticides and 1.2 pounds of fossil fuels to produce and transport a single cotton T-shirt in India. That’s enough water for one person to drink for two and a half years—and we [India] are a country affected by drought. How long does this T-shirt last in your wardrobe? Now think about the resources required to produce a pair of jeans or a sari.

Source: https://www.vogue.in/content/can-hemp-be-the-textile-of-the-future/

“The best part about hemp fabric is that has the look of linen but the hand feel of cotton says co-founder Yash P Kotak. “It gets better with every wash and is the strongest natural fiber known to man. We need to be more mindful in the fashion choices we make. Typically plan A is either cotton or polyester and that’s why we call our brand B label, which means it’s time for plan B.  We urge mindful consumers to look for us: the alternative that is more environmentally supportive. Even making ten percent of your wardrobe sustainable would make a huge difference!”


Now, I wonder when we will get the first stores here in Europe with Hemp clothes!



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