Crowdgrowing or Investing?

What are the differences between Crowd-Growing and investing in Cannabis?

A lot of people who join the crowd-growing community don’t really realize that they are now e-growers and not investors – me included. I guess it’s just something new to learn but it doesn’t take ages 😉

Anyway. Let’s clarify the differences between crowd-growing and investing.

E-Growing or Crowd-Growing

E-growing or also known as crowd-growing is an emerging movement that brings e-growers (you and me) and real cannabis farmers together. Anyone can be part of the cannabis industry as long as you have some kind of internet access and capital.

All it takes is to buy a clone of a plant, wait for the plant to grow until it’s time for harvest, and sell the plant with a profit. All of that only takes a couple of clicks. I’ve never seen an easier and more straightforward platform before.

The expected income per harvest of each plant is shown at the time of purchase and does not fluctuate as Bitcoin does when somebody coughs.

Investing Cannabis

On the other hand, a stock market is a place (physical or virtual) where buyers and sellers meet to exchange company stocks. Each stock works as a document that proves the ownership percentage of a company, and this document can be sold to others.

Entering the stock exchange means having to be willing to invest time to study this market, whether it’s Cannabis or something else. You have to be aware that there is a knowledge gap but it can be closed if and when you invest time and effort in research.

Research cannabis investing news, and stay on top with everything related to Cannabis. The price of your stock can go up and down due to regulations and speculations. In this sector, things are changing really fast.

Stock market can be very risky if you don’t know what you are doing!

E-growing expected returns

An e-grower can expect yields from 36 – 50% in 108 days to 3.5 times the investment in 3-5 years depending on the plant categories and expected waiting time.

The e-growers can expect higher returns because the transaction rules are business-centric rather than speculation-centric. Some of these risks are things that nobody can control, like weather or war. In that case, the whole batch will be replanted again. And you will have to wait the 108 days again.

In any other case, reserve clones will be used. And that would hardly affect the e-grower.

Your own E-Grower Channel

JuicyFields has developed a low-risk model through a professional and dedicated team. This business model offers entrepreneurs and anybody who understands passive income a high profit, turn-key efficient, plant-touching business from the start.

It’s truly green gold.

After you you registered your account check the expected profits from each of the 4 different plants.

Step by Step to Become an E-Grower

  1. Go to Juicyfields’s website
  2. Register for free
  3. Visit the clone shop menu
  4. Choose the plant you want to start with
  5. Choose how many plants you want to grow. Our growing experts will cultivate the plants in their greenhouses.
  6. Choose how you want to pay your plants. Bank (SEPA) or BTC or ETH.
  7. Your JuicyDashboard will show you the current state your plants are at.
    It goes from stage to stage: Cloning & rooting to vegetation & mass gain, to flowering & pre-harvesting to finally harvesting.
  8. Withdraw your profits or purchase new plants. You can withdraw again to your bank or BTC or ETH.


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